Willie's Tropical Tattoo - 825 S Yonge Street - Ormond Beach, FL
Willie's Tropical Tattoo - 825 S Yonge Street - Ormond Beach, FL
Call 386-672-1888 - for over 25 years
Call 386-672-1888 - for over 25 years

Ron Gray

Ron has been tattooing for 22 years, starting in September 1992 in his hometown of Clio, Michigan. He apprenticed with his long time friend Alley Cat after leaving the Marine Corps. Later  Ron opened Electic Chair Tattoo with another childhood friend, Ronnie Lash "RIP", that has grown into 3 great Mid-Michigan shops. In 1995 Ron opened his own tattoo shop in Flint, Michigan  named Artistic Fusion Tattoo, which specialized in custom tattooing from 1995-1999.


Ron began coming to Willies for Bikeweek in 1994 as a guest artist. In 1999 he sold his shop in Flint and moved to Florida and has been an artist at Tropical Tattoo Inc. ever since. Ron feels that the diversity in the artists, and professionalism of the shop, exemplifies tattooing and he is glad to call this place home!


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